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​Healthy living starts here

Even if you are on the right track you will get run over if you just sit there so take the first step, which is the most important one, and find your healthy tracks now.  ​

Programs offered:

One on One Fitness Nutrition Sessions: $149 for the first month and $109 for each additional month.  

This includes: 

Client Enrollment 1. Initial Assessment and detailed questionnaire (In person) 2. Client information explained 3. Goal setting 4. Nutrition plan specific to client's need 5. Compliance tracking 6. Baseline visual assessment 7. Measurement of skin-folds and girths.

Bi Weekly Appointments (In person) - 1. Follow up assessment, nutrition lessons. 2. Program adjustments as needed.

This plan also includes, unlimited email and texts between bi weekly appointments, a chart for tracking compliance and adherence. This plan is great for someone who is looking for accountability.  

One on One Run Coaching Sessions: $65 per month

This includes:

Client Enrollment 1. Initial assessment and detailed questionnaire. 2. An initial 30 minute phone call or FaceTime to review your questionnaire.  3. Goal setting 4. A customized training plan with detailed instructions 

This plan also includes, unlimited email and textsprogram adjustments as needed (sick, travel, bad weather etc), 30 minutes of phone / FaceTime each month

One on One Running & Fitness Nutrition Sessions: $169 for the first month and $129 for each additional month.  

30 Days with Life on Track - 100% online: $70 for 30 days.  

This includes:

Healthy living tips and lessons with posts every day through a closed Facebook page.  Including what, when and how much to eat, how to make healthier choices and simple yet tasty recipes from Spring Into Health plus much more.