What people have been saying:

"I really enjoyed myself!! The evening exceeded my expectations. It was well organized, the environment and group was warm and welcoming and it was fun to be with like minded, healthy and active people." 

​"I thought the presentation was very well organized and tied together nicely. Danielle's and Anouk's portions complemented each other. I thought the visuals kept everyone engaged, made the information meaningful and the hands on cooking was great."

"A great experience. Loved being introduced to new products and always new recipes. I loved the format: easy casual start introducing us to products that I wouldn't have bought but loved. The fruit smoothy was delicious. The food was delicious and I will definitely use the recipes again. A really nice night and I would attend again when you highlight other local fruit and vegetables."

"Truly enjoyed my first workshop. Was very surprised at how easy the recipes are and how great they tasted. Learned a lot of valuable information too!"

​"Danielle, Anouk, so wonderful to meet you. Such a great night, we learned a lot, just what we needed. Thank you both so much."

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In Spring Into Health's cooking classes we promote and cook with real, well grown, unprocessed foods.  It makes a lot of sense to us to cook and promote what is in season. Not only are the vegetables a lot tastier when eaten in the appropriate season, it is a lot cheaper to eat that way. Buying local is important to us and we do it as much as possible. The primary focus in the cooking portion of our class is on plants. Along with vegetables and fruits we also cook with grains and legumes. Our goal is to show you the huge range of different flavors, colors and textures that plants give us. Vegetables are amazingly versatile and can be prepared in many delicious ways. We love desserts and always make them in our classes. So veggies it is for us, but we want to like what is on our plate. We want our kids to like it as well, so we make delicious food.

Most of what americans are consuming these days is not real food. Our culture is swamped by processed foods that have very little nutritional value. 75% of the food items in a supermarket are made with highly processed chemicals, sugars, sodium, gmo’s, toxic oils and growth hormones. The real foods can only be found in the outer perimeter of the store. Real food has a limited shelve life; real food is not made with ingredients that can not be pronounced; real food would be recognized by your grand- parents.

We believe knowledge is power so our workshops alway start with an informational interactive talk about good nutrition, how to make better and healthier food choices.  The theme is constantly changing.  

Find out more about us:

Check out pages 59-61 in the winter edition of the Saratoga Mama magazine.  Spring Into Health With Anouk and Danielle - Not your ordinary cooking class!